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Sample Dispute Letter

If you believe that inaccurate information has appeared on your credit report, you can take action right away by sending a credit dispute letter. This letter will serve to officially notify the credit bureaus that you believe they have made a mistake.

Upon receiving your letter, the credit bureaus must take action within 30 days and investigate the items you’ve questioned.

They will inform the debt collector or company responsible for the disputed items of your complaint and request additional verification from them. If verification is not provided, the credit bureau will then remove the items or otherwise correct your credit report.

While you may get a credit repair lawyer to help you draft the letter, you can also compose your own dispute letter based off of this sample:

Customizable Sample Dispute Letter

[Your Name]
[City,St ZIP]

Social Security number: [XXX-XX-XXXX]
Date of birth: [XX/XX/19XX]

Today’s date

[Credit Bureau’s Name]
[City,St ZIP]

Dear Credit Bureau,

After reviewing my credit report, I have identified several errors. I have attached a copy of my report with the errors circled.

The first error involves (describe item including name of creditor or debt collector). I believe this item is inaccurate because (choose one: I already paid the account in full; the debt was discharged in a bankruptcy; the debt never belonged to me; the debt was incurred as the result of fraud; the debt has expired).

(Repeat above paragraph as needed to cover all errors on the report).

I have attached documentation supporting my claims regarding the inaccuracy of these items.

Please investigate these items as quickly as possible and correct my credit report accordingly.

If you are not able to change my report because any of these items have been verified, please send me the name and address of the verifying party, the method of verification, and the reported first delinquency from the original creditor.

Thank you for your attention




Dispute Letter Checklist

When sending your dispute letter, be sure to:

  • Include proof of your social security number and address

  • Send copies of all documentation, not originals

  • Circle ALL the mistakes on your credit report

  • Send your letter registered mail with return receipt requested


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