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Lexington Law Has a Track Record You Can Trust

Lexington Law

If your credit score has plummeted due to the activities of debt collectors, you need fast, effective credit repair from a company you can trust.

After doing a bit of research into Lexington Law, it should be clear that Lexington Law is the credit repair company of your dreams. Here’s why.

Lexington Law is Legit

If you’ve been looking into credit repair, you know that there are tons of companies out there, all promising to perform miracle cures on your credit.

Many of these companies are fly-by-night operations that may not even provide a physical address, much less meet the legal and ethical requirements needed to officially call themselves a law firm. Lexington Law, by contrast, is a national law firm headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, with satellite offices in 19 other states. Each office meets the requirements of that state’s bar, as well as the requirements of federal law relating to credit repair companies. Lexington Law never recommends or employs illegal credit repair tactics.
Lexington Law is Experienced

Lexington Law has been around since 1991, and during that time they’ve helped over half a million clients and gotten just about every type of negative credit item removed. The Lexington Law network employees more attorneys and paralegals than any other credit repair company, so you know that your case will get the attention it deserves from qualified and experienced professionals.

lexington law
Lexington Law is Successful

Consumers who hire Lexington Law enjoy a very high success rate in terms of getting their negative credit items removed.

You don’t just have to take their word for it. Lexington Law posts details regarding their credit repair stats each quarter, so you can see just how effective their credit repair service is against a wide variety of different debt collectors.

For example, in Q4 2012, Lexington Law successfully removed over 800,000 negative credit items for their clients, including everything from collection items to late payments, liens, judgments, and garnishments. Their total removal count for the entire year was 3,347,490.
Lexington Law is Honest

Lexington Law will provide an honest assessment of your chances of winning a case against your debt collector and getting collection items removed from your credit report. If they don’t believe you have a good case, they won’t accept you as a client or take your money. This level of honesty is truly rare in the credit repair industry, and it’s part of what makes Lexington Law a clear leader in their field.









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