[caption id="attachment_3541" align="alignleft" width="160"]Zwicker Associates zwicker associates charge offs and collection accounts can prevent you from living the life you deserve. You can get them legally, ethically and legitimately removed by following the advice we offer to you here.[/caption]

Are You Receiving Threats from Zwicker & Associates?

One threat Zwicker & Associates can definitely act on is placing charge-offs on your credit report.

Once this happens, your credit may be damaged for up to 7 years.

Who is Zwicker & Associates?

This company is a debt collection agency located in Massachusetts.

As is standard practice for most debt collectors, agents of Zwicker & Associates may harass you mercilessly in an attempt to secure repayment on your debts.

They may call you at least once per day, or sometimes more, and the will probably send tons of collection notices in the mail.

They may even use psychological tactics to try to shame, scare, or embarrass you into paying.

How to Contact Zwicker & Associates


80 Minuteman Road

Andover,MA 01810

Telephone: 1-800-370-2251 or (978)-686-2255

Fax: 1-800-370-2251 or (978)-686-3538



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