SRA Associates is a Debt Collection Company That Can Really Hurt Your Personal Credit Score Unless You Do Something About It

[caption id="attachment_3431" align="alignleft" width="160"]SRA Associates If you have sra associates debts on your credit reports you score can be seriously negatively impacted. Luckily, there are steps you can take to reverse the damage.[/caption]

SRA Associates is a debt collection group that specializes in retrieving past due – unsettled credit accounts.

If you fail to make payments on a credit card, loan or anything credit-related (for a set period of time) the account or  (agreement) can go into collections - and agencies such as SRA Associates may pick up the phone and start calling you repeatedly.

When the original merchant, lender, or creditor "charges off" the account - it means that they sold the unsettled debt to a different company - and often times for only pennies on the dollar.

This allows the debt agencies to make a steep profit if they are able to collect on all or partial of the original account.

If you have found yourself in this situation - and you are worried that they may report your accounts to the credit bureaus's - don't worry just yet.  There are things you can do - and actions you can take to help yourself out of the mess.

The best thing you can do is describe your exact situation to a credit professional who know's what to do - for your situation.

Consider calling Lexington Law at 1 855 255 0118 – they offer a free consultation you can take advantage of to learn what the next best thing for you to do is – and they will also let you know outright if they can help you with your situation.

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