[caption id="attachment_3381" align="alignleft" width="160"]RJM Acquisitions rjm acquisitions charge offs and collection accounts can prevent you from living the life you deserve. You can get them legally, ethically and legitimately removed by following the advice we offer to you here.[/caption]

Have Items from RJM Acquisitions Shown Up on Your Credit Report?

These items are charge-offs or collection items, and they can lower your credit score by hundreds of points for up to 7 years.

It is easy for RJM Acquisitions to get these items on your credit report.

Who is RJM Acquisitions?

RJM Acquisitions is a New York-based debt collection company.

Consumers report that RJM has a history of harassing them over the phone by calling too often and too late at night. More disturbingly, there have been reports that RJM Acquisitions frequently makes mistakes, pursuing the wrong individuals about debts that do not belong to them.

They have also sent incorrect personal details to partners like Chase Bank, which opens the consumers involved up to identity theft. Bottom line, RJM Acquisitions will not work with you to correct their mistakes. In order to escape their attentions and protect your rights, you need professional legal help.

How to Contact RJM Acquisitions


575 Underhill Blvd., Suite 224

Syosset, NY 11791-3416

Telephone: 1-800-541-0824 or (516)-714-1300 or (516)-714-1304

Fax Number: (516)-714-1310


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