[caption id="attachment_3245" align="alignleft" width="160"]Praxis Financial Solutions If you have praxis financial solutions debts on your credit reports you score can be seriously negatively impacted. Luckily, there are steps you can take to reverse the damage.[/caption]

Is Praxis Financial Solutions Making Your Phone Ring off the Hook?

If so, watch out for negative items on your credit report.

If they can’t convince you to pay immediately, Praxis Financial Solutions will probably ruin your credit score with charge-offs that can stay in your history for up to 7 years.

Who is Praxis Financial Solutions?

This is an Illinois debt collection company.

Like most debt collectors, Praxis Financial Solutions may use extremely aggressive tactics to scare, shame, or annoy you into paying debts you might not even owe.

For example, they might call you so often it makes you crazy, or try to scare you with threats of legal action. Because they only make money if you pay, they have a powerful incentive to stop at nothing in their efforts to convince you to pay up.

How to Contact Praxis Financial Solutions


P.O. Box 1431

Stoke, IL  60076


7330 N. Cicero Avenue, #219

Lincolnwood, IL  60712-1600

Telephone: 1-877-651-7328 or (847)-675-5038

Fax: (847)-679-7974

Website: www.praxis-financial.com


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