[caption id="attachment_3234" align="alignleft" width="160"]Portfolio Recovery Associates portfolio recovery associates charge offs and collection accounts can prevent you from living the life you deserve. You can get them legally, ethically and legitimately removed by following the advice we offer to you here.[/caption]

Has a Portfolio Recovery Associates Threatened to Sue You?

If so, they’ve probably already ruined your credit.

Check your credit report for collection items from Portfolio Recovery Associates. These items can ruin your credit score for up to 7 years if you don’t have them removed.

Who is Portfolio Recovery Associates?

This is the name of a Virginia debt collector.

Portfolio Recovery Associates is like most other debt collection agencies in that they will likely be very aggressive when trying to get you to pay them.

They will probably call every day, if not more often. You may feel like you’re being harassed, and you’re probably right.

They might even threaten to sue you, but you should remember that usually this is an empty threat, because they don’t want to pay the court fees associated with suing you. They just want to scare you.

How to Contact Portfolio Recovery Associates


120 Corporate Boulevard

Norfolk, VA 23502

Telephone: 1-888-772-7326 or (757)-519-9300

Website: www.portfoliorecovery.com

Portfolio Recovery Associates is a 3rd party debt collection agency that is located in Norfolk, VA. Debt collection agencies have earned quite a disrepute for themselves. All thanks to their unending and un-abating tirade against their debtors.

Well debt collection agencies have several techniques and tricks that they adopt according to the relevance of the debt account they are handling.

If the debtor has changed his address and other contact details then the debt collection agencies use a method called the skip tracing method to gather the latest details.

This method is actually used by criminals to locate the witnesses who have testified against them.  Once a citizen decides to testify against a criminal, he / she is relocated under the witness protection program.  Now this is done to keep the identity and whereabouts of the witness under wraps.

But criminals use the skip tracing method to pinpoint the current address of the witness and hunt them down and kill them before they can testify in court against them.
So what does that tell you about the debt collection agencies?

Does it ring a bell in your head that these debt collection agencies are emulating the criminals in an attempt to get the current details of the debtors?

Another technique used by the debt collection agencies is to cook up false debt accounts and then contact a person to pay up. Many debtors have repeatedly raised this point in consumer forums and consumer action websites. They say that debt collection agencies sometimes even sometimes call up and abuse and insult even when the person they are calling for is clearly some other person.

Debtors say that any attempt at clearing the misunderstanding is met by insults and threats. The debt collection agencies simply refuse to listen to what the person at the other end of the phone is trying to say. All they want is an answer saying yes to pay up quickly.


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