[caption id="attachment_3154" align="alignleft" width="160"]LVNV Funding LLC If you have lvnv funding llc debts on your credit reports you score can be seriously negatively impacted. Luckily, there are steps you can take to reverse the damage.[/caption]

Has LVNV Funding Threatened to Sue You?

If so, they’ve probably already ruined your credit by filling your credit history with charge-offs.

Even one charge-off from LVNV Funding can have a dramatic impact on your credit score, and charge-offs can remain on your record for up to 7 years.

Who is LVNV Funding?

This is the name of a debt collection company located in the state of South Carolina.

Like other companies in the debt collection business, LVNV Funding trains its debt collectors to be very aggressive in pursuing repayment. They will probably call you night and day, treat you with rudeness, and show zero compassion for your financial difficulties.

They will not hesitate to ruin your credit, and they may even threaten to sue you if you still refuse to pay. Remember that most threats of legal action are hollow and just meant to scare you.

How to Contact LVNV Funding


15 S. Main St., Suite 700

Greenville, SC 29601

Telephone: 1-888-665-0374

Fax: 1-866-467-0163

website: www.lvnvfundingcollection.com

Lvnv is a debt collection agency that is located in Greenville, SC. This company has built its entire business and their corresponding profits by indulging in purchase and sale of third party debts. What his company does is that it purchases unpaid or unrealized debts from financial institutions.

This purchase is done at dirt cheap prices, because they buy in bulk. And we all know how cheap bulk is bought. After that LVNV Funding proceeds towards the next step that is most crucial to their business.

This involves contacting the customers and asking them to pay up the outstanding debts in addition to several different charges and fines attached to it.

This process can be described as being more painful than the birthing process (for the debtors of course).

LVNV Funding LLC makes sure that the debtors are put through hell while they are being harassed to pay up in the minimum possible time.

All kinds of negative behavior and underhand techniques await the debtor, as the debt collection agencies try to squeeze maximum amounts of money from them.


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