FMA Alliance is Just One of Many Debt Collection Companies That Can Harm Your Personal Credit Score Unless You Protect Yourself

[caption id="attachment_3039" align="alignleft" width="160"]FMA Alliance If you have fma alliance debts on your credit reports you score can be seriously negatively impacted. Luckily, there are steps you can take to reverse the damage.[/caption]

Is FMA Alliance Calling You All the Time?

If you owe a debt, and FMA Alliance has purchased that debt from the original lender, you can end up with a very serious credit problem.

FMA Alliance can have charge-offs placed on your credit report to keep your credit score down for up to 7 years.

Who is FMA Alliance?

FMA Alliance is the name of a debt collection agency with offices in Texas. As is common for debt collectors, FMA Alliance will call you all the time, day and night.

They may call so often it will turn into harassment. If you answer the phone, they may use psychological tactics against you like trying to scare or shame you into paying them.

Beware of any claims that debt collectors make. If they accuse you of owing a debt, make them prove it.

How to Contact FMA Alliance


P.O. Box 2409

Houston, TX 77252-2409


12339 Cutten Road

Houston, TX 77066

Telephone: 1-800-955-5598 or (281)-931-5050 or (281)-670-1528

Fax: (281)-931-6501

Website: www.fmaalliance.com

Most debt collection companies like FMA Alliance love individuals uneducated in the credit department. When you don't know your rights, you leave yourself open to all kinds of questionable debt collection tactics.

This makes their job easier, and your life harder!
Valuable facts about debt collection and credit repair:

  • Debt collectors sometimes pursue debts that in reality are not eligible for collection. The debts might be expired, in another person's name, the result of an accounting error at the original lender, or the result of identity theft.

  • Know that under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, ineligible debts such as these cannot be reported to the credit bureaus. So if you see collection items related to these kinds of debts on your credit report, you can easily get them removed.

  • Debt collection agents will try to bully you into paying debts you might not really owe. Because they work on commission, it's not in their interest to promote any solution other than repayment with tons of interest. In addition to calling you constantly, debt collectors will also send piles of mail.

  • They may even resort to calling your work when you've told them not to, calling outside of the permitted hours, or making groundless threats of legal action.

  • These last three tactics are actually illegal under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. If your debt collector is using these tactics against you, start keeping a log of all violations and get professional help.

  • Remember, once you receive your first debt collection notice, you only have 30 days to use your most powerful weapon: the debt validation process. This process forces the debt collector to suspend all collection activities until they can PROVE that you really owe the debt in question AND that they are legally qualified to collect on that debt.

  • Don't let debt collectors like FMA Alliance pressure you into forgetting about your consumer rights!



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