Asset Acceptance Corp can Severely Hurt Your Financial Credit Rating.  Here are Some Tips and Facts to Fix Your Situation.

[caption id="attachment_2867" align="alignleft" width="160"]Asset Acceptance Corporation If you notice that asset acceptance corporation accounts have been tagged onto your credit profile then you may have also noticed that your score has taken a nose dive. Don't worry you can fix your situation here.[/caption]

Asset Acceptance Corporation is a debt collection agency that's been in business since 1962. As you can imagine, in that time they've built up a substantial business with satellite offices in Michigan, Arizona, Florida, Texas, Illinois, and Ohio.

They specialize in recovering defaulted consumer credit accounts such as retail credit cards, utility accounts, and medical accounts.

If you are targeted by a debt collector, get help right away. Doing so will enable you to take advantage of the 30-day window for initiating debt validation.

Debt validation requires the debt collector to prove that you owe the amount they are attempting to collect. If they can't prove that to the satisfaction of the law, they can't collect a cent. As an added bonus, the debt collectors are forbidden to contact you during the debt collection process.

They must produce proof that you owe the account in question before they resume hassling you over the phone.

I if you write too many letters back to debt agencies your "complaint" can get marked as "frivolous."

Be aware of the - Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

This act says that debt collectors may not call you before 8 am or after 9pm, call you for the sole purpose of harassing you, call you directly once you've hired a lawyer, call your work for the purpose of humiliating you, or make baseless threats of legal action.

In most situations this is way too much trouble for the debt collector to take. And if they don't actually intend to take the necessary legal steps to acquire the right to garnish wages, it is illegal for them to threaten it.

Call Lexington Law today and let them help you exercise your legal rights and stop credit damage before it happens.



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