American Agencies can Harm Your Personal Credit Score - Unless You Educate and Prepare Yourself.

[caption id="attachment_3580" align="alignleft" width="160"]American Agencies If you notice that american agencies accounts have been tagged onto your credit profile then you may have also noticed that your score has taken a nose dive. Don't worry you can fix your situation here.[/caption]

American Agencies is a 3rd party debt collection group.

When it comes to credit repair, many people will tell you that you can handle it on your own. They might recommend talking to the debt collectors, sending out a credit repair form letter, or contacting the credit bureaus directly as means of getting negative items removed from your credit history.

While it is true that you can repair your credit on your own, it is seldom the easiest or wisest course of action. If you're dealing with an especially aggressive or litigious debt collection agency, such as American Agencies, handling things on your own can be very difficult indeed.

Many attempt to engage with an American Agencies representative directly on a personal level.  Rep's will not normally show human compassion - their primary objective is to ignore what you say and insist that you pay.

Unless you happen to be a lawyer--you simply won't have the verbal firepower needed to get the debt collector's attention.  Even if you have a valid legal point, you won't be heard unless you can phrase that point using appropriate, professional legal terms.

Plus, there is a distinct double standard in the letter-writing department. Although debt collectors will gladly send you letter after letter after letter, they do not like to receive any letters in return. If you do send too many letters, you can cause your complaint to get marked as "frivolous" and then the debt collectors will be even less likely to hear you out.



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