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Have Collection Items from Alliance One Appeared on Your Credit Report?

If Alliance One places collection items on your credit report, the result will be severe damage to your credit score that can last up to 7 years. If you see the name Alliance Once on your credit report, get help right away.

Who is Alliance One?

Alliance One is a debt collection agency located in Minnesota. They specialize in collecting on credit card and utility debts, as well as debts owed to your local or state government. Like many companies in their field, they sometimes use aggressive or even illegal practices in pursuit of repayment on the debts that they hold. Some consumers have complained that Alliance One has violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act by harassing them over the phone, threatening baselessly to sue if their debts are not repaid, and calling friends and family in search of debtors. Consumers also report that debt collectors from Alliance One are frequently rude, bullying, and uncivil on the phone.

How To Contact Alliance One


1160 Centre Pointe Drive

Mendota Heights, MN 55120

Telephone: 1-800-858-4472


This debt collection agency has many international branch offices around the globe.

This company deals with debt collection of all kinds like unpaid credit card bills, medical bills, unpaid student loan EMIS, unpaid auto loans, unpaid home loans and defaulted payments on utility bills.Every business has its own principles and rules by which it prospers or conducts itself. Same goes with debt collection agencies too.

This business too has certain principles and rules, but the general population does not seem to agree with them. The reason is clear and simple- all rules are aimed at terrorizing and threatening their customers. Now how long will a business be accepted if it consistently engages in such negative customer relations?

But that is where the catch lies.  The debtors are not actually the debt collection agency’s customers because they do not provide any service to them. The debt collection agencies therefore do not deem it necessary to extend the regular civil behavior to the debtors.

Whatever the reason for their rude behavior to the debtors, one thing is sure. They know how to send the debtors tearing their hair in desperation.


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